If you have never been to a White Wolf party imagine a sea of blokes mostly 25 - 30+ dancing themselves silly and heaps just watching or chatting downstairs catching up with mates or making new ones. 

This is a party that appeals to men.  Heaps are happy to take their tops off on the dance floor that is packed from start to finish with music you can dance to.  If you are a man's man and like to party with other blokes odds are you will have fun.

The DJs give their all and the lighting is always impressive with a big sound to match.  Essentially this is a T-DANCE ... a revival of the 60's type parties that start at 6pm and are all done by midnight. White Wolf takes over pubs for a blokes only private function.  The windows are blacked out and the fun cranked up.

White Wolf attracts one of the friendliest crowds you will come across and the no attitude crowd are there to have fun.


It began as a party organised by someone who had a vision to create a party for guys over 25 that were looking to party in a twink free zone.  A place where men could meet men and it also coincided with a mates birthday party.  100% of the door was donated to charity (Aboriginal and Torres Strait HIV Prevention) at the first White Wolf.  

And even now money, is always raised for charity at every event. We always have and always will put our money back into the groups that support other gay men!  No other event does this!  

White Wolf has moved using mostly straight pubs and providing great entertainmant for men who like men over 25 years without the attitude.

Fellas head in from the country and some even from interstate to be a part of what is something unique, offering a MENS ONLY envirinment to a friendly appreciative crowd.

Not only is there great music but there are always areas to chat and meet other guys, plus some very entertaining acts over the years.

White Wolf continues to offer an alternative for men to meet other men a few times a year and we thank the many people who have sent us messages of support, especially over the past few months!  It just goes to show how many good and intelligent people there are out there!  




 PLEASE PRINT ALL PRE PURCHASED TICKETS & BRING WITH YOU TO GAIN ENTRY - Tickets will be available at the door unless the venue is full

All sales are final and you agree to all terms an conditions by purchasing a ticket.  You must be 18 years old or over to attend this event. No refunds or exchanges will be available unless the Event is cancelled, or is rescheduled and you do not wish to attend the alternative date.  This is an all-weather Event.  No refunds will be made if you are unable and/or choose not to attend the Event for any reason. You must supply your CORRECT FULL NAME at the time of purchase.  The BARCODED (QR Code) TICKET is required for entry to the Event.  Print the barcoded ticket, or carry the barcoded ticket in your smartphone, and bring to the Event. The barcode is required for scanning at entry. NO BARCODED TICKET NO ENTRY.  When entering adult, ID to prove legal age must be shown if required or on demand.  Acts DJs & performers may vary due to unforeseen circumstances & information of changes will be posted on www.whitewolf.net.au By purchasing a ticket does not necessarily guarantee you entry as you are subject to the venue's licensing laws.  Over intoxicated people will not be admitted as per Qld licensing requirements.                   QR code = Barcoded tickets